H. Hawkline

H. Hawkline

H.Hawkline is the musical activity of a man, born 1985.

His earliest output (A Cup of Salt, The Strange Uses Of Ox Gall – both on ‘Shape Records’) feels more like personal explorations in sound rather than songs. Melodies exist but they coyly snake in and around the distinctly glorious lack of order that bubbles over. The collage mentality of these albums is likely to have been informed by a childhood of watching his father edit Welsh Language radio interviews on his Re-vox 90 tape machine. These albums were mostly recorded in freezing cold welsh houses in the small hours of the night.

In the wake of releasing his 2nd full length LP, Hawkline, was yet to play any solo shows. Recreating his albums live would have been impossible but rumors circulated that he was unable to ever play the same song twice. When a series of unexpected events led him to become an accidental hired gun for various different outfits in and around the city it not only served to exorcise his fear of repetition but he developed a love of playing with others. This sparked a new wave of writing for Hawkline who in the period of a fortnight penned enough songs to fill an LP. He took this new joy of playing into a purpose built studio armed with an audio map and musical companions to call him back to the road of more traditional songwriting. Two classic 5-song E.P’s were borne from these sessions, Black Domino Box (Trash Aesthetics) and Ghouls (Turnstile).

Soon after Hawkline relapsed into the life of an accidental session musician, which lasted for much longer and took him much further than his previous dalliances. All the while he continued to write but as his schedule was being filled up with tours and studio sessions for other musicians he became frustrated that he now had a collection of 30 plus songs but no for-seeable outlet for them. He attempted to put them to a Tascam 4 track but it proved too cumbersome for the road. In the fashion of a storybook ending an opportunity presented itself for him to play a last minute slot at Austin’s SXSW music festival. He borrowed instruments and the backing band from his employer and played a self-proclaimed “below average set” but found himself to be a signed artist by the end of the night nonetheless.

With the backing of a label, Hawkline set to task making the album he had always wanted to in a warehouse studio in downtown Los Angeles. More focused than ever and armed with the musicianship he had fostered over the years he created an LP that is resplendently all parts Hawkline.


Website: H. Hawkline