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HVN Singles

 HVN195  Fionn Regan  "Protection Racket"

HVN194   The Soft Pack  "Answer To Yourself"

HVN193  The Ooh Ooh Ah Ahh Band   "Show me the way to Sasparella"

HVN192  DOVES  "Winterhill"

HVN191   Pete Greenwood    "Penny Dreadful"

HVN189   DOVES   "Kingdom Of Rust"

HVN188    Pete Greenwood   "Sirens"

HVN187   The Little Ones "Tangerine Visions"

HVN186  The Loose Salute  "Why Do We Fight"

HVN184 FOREVER HEAVENLY "3 days on the South Bank"

HVN183  Saint Etienne "Burnt out car 2008"

HVN182  BEGGARS  "You & Me"

HVN181   Jaymay  "Ill Willed Person"

HVN180   Edwyn Collins  "Home Again"

HVN179  Beggars "The Future"

HVN178 THE LITTLE ONES "Morning Tide"

HVN177   Jaymay  "Gray Or Blue"

HVN176  The Loose Salute  "Turn The Radio Up"

HVN175   The Little Ones  "Ordinary Song"

HVN174   Jaymay  "Sea Green, Sea Blue"

HVN173   Saint Etienne  "This is Tomorrow"

HVN172   Ed Harcourt  "You Put A Spell On Me"

HVN171   Cherry Ghost  "4am"

HVN170   The Magic Numbers  "Undecided"

HVN169   THE LITTLE ONES    "Lovers Who Uncover"

HVN168   Cherry Ghost  "People Help The People"

HVN167   Cherry Ghost  "Mathematics"

HVN166  The Little Ones  "Oh, MJ"

HVN165   The Magic Numbers  "This Is A Song"

HVN164   The Little Ones  "Lovers Who Uncover"

HVN163  THE MAGIC NUMBERS  "Take A Chance"

HVN162  The Vines  "Don’t Listen To The Radio"

HVN161  Ed Harcourt  "Revolution In The Heart"

HVN160   The Vines   "Anysound"

HVN159   The Vines   "Gross Out"

HVN158   Edwyn Collins  "You’ll Never Know"

 HVN157   Ed Harcourt   "Visit From The Dead Dog"

HVN156    The Magic Numbers   "I See You, You See Me"

HVN155   The Magic Numbers/The Webb Brothers

HVN154   The Magic Numbers  "Love’s A Game"

HVN153   The Magic Numbers  "Love Me Like You"

HVN152    Doves   "Sky Starts Falling"

HVN151   THE MAGIC NUMBERS   "Forever Lost"

HVN150    Doves   "Snowden"

HVN149    Ed Harcourt    "Loneliness"

HVN148    22-20’s   "Such A Fool"

 HVN147    The Magic Numbers/Hal    Anima Sola/Keep Love As Your Golden Rule

HVN146   ED HARCOURT   "Born In The '70s"

HVN145    DOVES    "Black & White Town"

HVN144   22-20'S    "22days"

HVN143	 Magic Numbers   "Hymn For Her"

HVN142  DON LETTS ALBUM SAMPLER "12” promo single"

HVN141    22-20s  "Shoot Your Gun"

HVN140   ED HARCOURT   "This One’s For You"

HVN139   The Vines  "Winning Days"

HVN138    22-20'S    "Why Don't You Do It For Me"

HVN137    THE VINES   "Ride"

HVN136    SAINT ETIENNE    "Come On Christmas"

HVN135P  THE VINES   (one sided 7") A. F.T.W

HVN134    22-20s    "Devil In Me"

HVN133    NADA SURF   "Inside Of Love"

HVN132   THE VINES  "Homesick"

HVN131    BETH ORTON   "Daybreaker"

HVN130   ED HARCOURT   "Watching The Sun Come Up"

HVN129    BETH ORTON   "Thinking About Tomorrow"

HVN128    NADA SURF  "Hi Speed Soul"

HVN127    ED HARCOURT   "All Of Your Days Will BE Blessed"

HVN126    DOVES    "Caught By The River"

HVN125    BETH ORTON    "Anywhere"


HVN123    NADA SURF    "The Way You Wear Your Head"

HVN122  DOVES  "Spaceface  (Live at Eden) "

HVN121    ED HARCOURT   "Still I Dream Of It"

HVN120    THE VINES    "Outtathaway"

HVN119   BETH ORTON " (one sided 12") Carmella"

HVN118    REBELSKI  "Scarecrow"

HVN117   DOG   "Bitten"

HVN116    DOVES    "Pounding"

HVN115    BETH ORTON   "Concrete Sky"

HVN114    DOG  "Jerusalem"