Heavenly birdsong …

Birdsongs - Caught by the River


After their five fantastic river themed music compilations, our friends over at Caught By the River have to decided search out birdsongs and on Wednesday 27th January the first ‘Birdsong’ compilation complied by British Sea Power’s Martin Noble will be available to download to all their members / subscribers.

If you aren’t already on their subscibers list here’s a good reason to head over to caughtbytheriver.net

In addition to this, each download will come with a sleeve designed by Matt ‘bird of the week’ Sewell. For each comp Matt will paint a different species of bird to grace the cover. That’s the first one you can see at the top of this post.

To help them launch it, British Sea Power have very kindly given them a song to share with you. It’s “The Great Skua (Plover demo)” and the version is exclusive to Caught by the River. You can hear how the song eventually sounded on their album Do You Like Rock Music.

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