Doves v Chris Watson / Birds Flew Backwards

Chris Watson

Here’s a treat; We are pleased to make available for the first time the opportunity to hear a collaboration between Doves and another of our favourite artists,Chris Watson . This is a remix that Chris has done of the song ‘Birds Flew Backwards’ from the bands last album ‘Kingdom of Rust’ . Chris is the UK’s leading sound recordist specialising in wildlife, who in a previous life, was in the band Cabaret Voltaire.

Download (Just for this week)
Birds Flew Backwards

If you aren’t familiar with Chris’s work (although if you have watched or listened to any significant natural history broadcast in the last decade you unknowingly will be) I suggest you check out his website and that of his label, Touch, where you will find some of his amazing recordings.

Also on a Doves tip, The Caught by the River website has announced that the second in their series of ornithologically themed music compilations will be going out to their members on Wednesday the 24th. This time the tracks have been selected by Jimi Goodwin (from the aptly named Doves. Once again the artwork has been done by Matt Sewell and features Jimi’s songbird of choice, the robin.

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