Falling & Laughing book competition


We consider ourselves lucky and honoured to call Edwyn Collins a Heavenly recording artist. This book is written by Edwyn’s wife and manager, Grace, a lovely lady who always has a tale to tell.

This though, is one story that she wishes she hadn’t got to tell. It’s the one about coming home one Sunday afternoon in February 2007 and finding their son William in a state of high panic as his father lay on the floor with the signs of something seriously wrong.

Edwyn had had a brain haemorrhage. And then he had another one.

It get’s worse before it gets better but as I think you know it does get better. So much so, that Edwyn is currently in the studio making a new record. We hope to be putting it out in September.

The book is the story of a family rebuilding itself. Grace writes with honesty and anger and humour and love as she recounts the time spent not knowing what was going to happen next

First published, in hard back, last June, the paperback edition – with a brand new cover – is out this week. The good people at the publisher, Ebury, have given us two copies to put up as competition prizes. Grace and Edwyn will sign and dedicate the book to the winners. All you have to do to win is following these instructions;

1/ Sign up. If you aren’t already on our mailing list, please click on the members button at the top of the page & sign up with your email address.

2/ Then simply go to the members page where you will find the question & details of who to send the answer to.

The competition is open until midnight on Wednesday the 3rd of March. After that the first two correct answers pulled from the hat are the winners.

The book is already available in hardback & you can click here to order a copy on amazon.


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