HVN JBX 16th JULY with MANKIND plus live guests:


Every 3rd Saturday of the month the Heavenly Jukebox (Heavenly Recordings) present HVN JBX @ Ginglik in Shepherds Bush. A cracking subterranean venue underneath Shepherds Bush Green which packs a superb P.A.

We invite down some of the best DJ’s around, the djs that we want to hear playing at our party & in turn know you would love too, from Don Lett’s, Sean Rowley, Wrongtom, Richard Norris, Justin Robertson to Allez Allez, Schizodelic Sound System & the Southern Hospitality crew to name a few.

& in a similar vein we love to do the same with our live music, from when the venue doors open we invite guests down whose music we’ve been digging in the Heavenly office and can’t wait to see live.

We offer a £5 guest list all night (9-3am) if you email carl@heavenlyrecordings.com beforehand.

That in a nutshell is HVN JBX! x
HVN JBX JULY by heavenlyrecordings

What’s this? A super spangly dynamite disco brimming with rock ‘n’ roll, psychedelic soul, disco, hip hop, reggae, house and techno in west London? Trust that tip top collective The Heavenly Jukebox, whose DJs boast the most bulging record sacks this side of Notting Hill. — don’t miss!“
Time Out

email: carl@heavenlyrecordings with any guest list requests


D J s:

M a n k i n d

Mankind are a collaboration of two producer / Dj’s from the underground music scene that have joined forces to bring to life the music they love.

Featuring productions on Late night Audio recordings, Redux and Third Strike — expect detroit boogie, disco and esoteric electronic soul from this seasoned and mysterious DJ duo.

- — - — -

L i v e :

J a m e s M a t h e

The creative force behind the band Barbarossa, James is a unique and soulful songwriter who we like very much. It’s been ages since we have put him on live so we’re excited he could join us at HVN JBX.


J a s m i n e R o d g e r s

Support comes from young vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and ukelele player Jasmine Rogers.


+ J a c k J o s e p h


and of course . .

H e a v e n l y J u k e b o x

Born out of the Heavenly Recordings label 20 years ago, the Heavenly Jukebox allowed a group of different DJs to mix and match musical styles in the same night; a broad selection of tunes – crucial, essential, pop music from the dusty analogue sweet soul sounds to the digital hits of today & tomorrow. If it get’s stamped by the bird then it needs to be heard! The capers continues . .


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