Announcing special re-release of East Village’s 1992 sole album ‘Drop Out’


East Village captured a point and place in time. Now, 20 years after their debut and subsequent split, Heavenly Recordings are pleased to announce a special re-release of the band’s sole record, ‘Drop Out’ as well as a limited pressing of their 1991 single ‘Circles’ on 7″ for the first time.

Formed by Martin Kelly (Saint Etienne manager who set up Heavenly Recordings with Jeff Barrett and now runs Heavenly Films), and his now-film-maker brother Paul Kelly, they were joined by Spencer Smith and Johnny Wood. As East Village, the four piece found a spot of their own, a neglected spot on the map between the scratchiness of eighties indie and the rise of house.

A jewel from Heavenly’s past, this is a release not to missed. The record is available on limited 12″ vinyl and comes with a free download code. You can pre-order below and also find copies on our stall at the Independent Label Market.




1. Silvertrain
2. Shipwrecked
3. Here It Comes
4. Freeze Out
5. Circles
6. When I Wake Tomorrow
7. Way Back Home
8. What Kind of Friend Is This
9. Black Autumn
10. Everybody Knows

“East Village were perfectly named, reminiscent of both New York’s sixties boho scene and somewhere secluded, somewhere down a b-road in Bucks. Twenty years ago they released their sole album, Drop Out, a nest of chest-high guitars and chiming melancholia. By the time it came out, the four-piece had broken up and moved on. Listening to it now, it feels like an elegy for a particular brand of eighties guitar music, sweet minor chords and Dylanesque lyrics, the kind practised by the Go Betweens, the Weather Prophets, the kind that was caught between stools then and is much missed now.”

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