Temples live in session for Transmitter plus ‘Mesmerise’ remix premiere


To celebrate making Transmitter’s Class of 2014 list, Temples have recorded an exclusive live session for the Youtube channel, performing brand new single ‘Mesmerise’. You can watch that below, plus listen to the Time and Space Machine’s remix of the track, which features as the B-side (itunes bundle and 7″ preorder link coming soon).


The band have invited a genuine cosmonaut of inner space to peel apart their latest offering. Richard Norris is a gigantic figure in British psychedelia, with his work as a journalist, compiler, musician and producer helping to keep the flame blazing. Turning ‘Mesmerise’ into a lengthy, Eastern-tinged meditation, Norris’ re-work under his Time & Space Machine guise is more of a re-build, a re-invention than a mere remix.” Clash

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