FHVNLP6: Forever Heavenly re-issue a genuine lost classic, Jock Scotʼs ʻMy Personal Cullodenʼ

Jock Scot

We’re really excited to announce that this summer Forever Heavenly are doing a special re-issue of a genuine lost classic. On August 14th we will be releasing ‘My Personal Culloden’ an album of poetry by Jock Scot with musical accompaniment and production by the Nectarine No.9.

Listen to the track ʻThereʼs A Hole In Daddyʼs Armʼ here.

“The rock star who has worked with Ian Dury, The Clash, Vivian Stanshall, The Libertines and British Sea Power.

Jock is to be the subject of a biographical film, currently being completed by Robert Rubbish and to include new interviews with Shane MacGowan, Peter Doherty, Neneh Cherry, Anna Chancellor, Suggs, Baxter Dury, Keith Allen and many more. There will be a bit of a wait as the film is due to open in August 2015.” — The Ransom Note


Track Listing:

1. Easy To Write
2. Gay Paean To Thierry
3. Above The Volcano
4. Somebodyʼs Yearning
5. Tape Your Head On
6. Just Another Fucked Up Little Druggy
7. Farewell To FERODO
8. Thereʼs a Hole In Daddyʼs Arm
9. Good God
10. Domestic Bliss
11. Thunder Over Kilburn
12. A Certain Beauty
13. Norman Vaughanʼs Blues
14. The Underdog
15. White Cars Passing By
16. All Over The World, Girls Are Dreaming
17. Nuts
18. Going Off Someone

Jock will be reading from the album and discussing his life with the aforementioned Robert Rubbish and writer Roy Wilkinson at our ‘State of Independents’ event at the The House of St Barnabas on July 11th. This event will also feature performances from Duke Garwood, Gwenno & Stealing Sheep.


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