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Palehound - Molly

Palehound have a great new video for the single ‘Molly’ which premiered over at Stereogum:

This is your brain on drugs! The video for Palehound’s “Molly” — off Ellen Kempner’s excellent Dry Food debut LP from last year — takes that age-old scare tactic and infamous PSA quite literally. It stars a cute little dude named EggGuy that gets fried up and served on a sandwich. After being eaten, he has some weird hallucinogenic effects on the consumer, which mostly involve deep thoughts about the circle of life and a lot of freaky moving images. Sounds like any trip ever! “EggGuy was concocted during a late morning brunch mishap,” co-directors Laura Jean Gallagher and Brian Kinkley explain. “We wanted to explore the frailty of life, what it means to have consciousness, and how much we could care about a pair of eyeballs. ‘Molly’ has just the right amount of weird sweetness to make this all seem really fun.”


Molly is the first single from the bands debut album ‘Dry Food’ which came out via Heavenly Recoridings today.

“These songs are full of heart and soul“
Record Collector Magazine ★★★★

“Dry Food confronts the point it’s been evading: kidding yourself is no way to recover, and comfort offers little impetus to move on. Palehound’s discomfiting, unflinching debut suggests she knew it all along.“
Pitchfork 8/10

“Opener ‘Molly’s wiry, abrasive riffs sound like they’re being played by St Vincent herself, while ‘Cinnamon’ is a noodle jazz-like take on Mac DeMarco’s woozy sound.“
London In Stereo , Record of the Month

“antsy and ambivalently sexy…“
Rolling Stone

The beauty is in the uncertainty, when you have to wait and see what comes of the chaos. You don’t have to tie the ends. On Dry Food Kempner lets the narrative unravel. This is music for those in the thick of it.
- Stereogum


Palehound on Marc Riley

Palehound played tracks from the album live in session for Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music earlier this week. You can listen to the session here.


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