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The Wycthes  -  C-side video directed by John Nolan

The Creators Project are premiering the new Wytches video for their single ‘C-side’, directed by John Nolan:

A Japanese supernatural monster is the inspiration behind the goings-on in the video for British band The Wytches’ new single “C-Side,” It features the band playing their new song while a man watching TV begins to experience, let’s say, a little neck pain.

However, this is no ordinary binge-watching-acquired stiff neck because this guy’s neck begins to expand, really long, snaking away from his body in a freakishly inexplicable, winding growth. This expansive nape was created by John Nolan, a director and animatronics effects specialist who’s created robots, prosthetic make-up, animals, props and other practical effect for films like Where The Wild Things Are, Harry Potter, Hellboy, Warhorse, Brother’s Grimm, and worked on animatronic projects for Lady Gaga and on Bjork’s “Mouth Mantra” music video.”


Here is what Nolan had to day on the creation of the video:

“I wanted to play around with the human form and create something that looked normal from one angle but growing into something completely freakish as the camera moves across it.” Nolan says about The Wytches music video. “Elongating the neck proved to do this brilliantly and it led me to research into Rokurokubi, a type of Japanese apparition where the human head leaves the body stretching out the neck. The act of the head separating from the body represents the spirit’s soul wandering.”

The Wytches new album ‘All Your Happy Life’ is due out on September 30th:

While ‘Annabel Dream Reader’ flipped constantly from highs to lows, ‘All Your Happy Life’ perfects the notion of living under a black cloud throughout. Gloomy, grey but definitely not dull, The Wytches have cast another stellar spell.”
DIY Magazine ★★★★

From the building ‘Ghost House’ to the stand out lead track ‘C-side,’ this The Wytches’ most potent spell yet.”
Upset Magazine ★★★★

All Your Happy Life’ is a wonderfully fully-formed second effort from The Wytches: from start to finish the sound doesn’t compromise its jagged raw edge, while still finding room to develop.”
Dork Magazine ★★★★

You can pre-order ‘All Your Happy Life’ from several great record shops: Rough Trade | Piccadilly Records | Drift | Resident.

The band are heading out on the road to support Jamie T on his up and coming UK tour. Tickets for most of the shows have now SOLD OUT, however a handful of shows have a handful remaining. Check tickets here.

In November the trio have their biggest ever headline tour of the UK:

The Wytches



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