We are delighted to announce another great sign­ing to Heav­enly … Sea of Bees came to our atten­tion via a very astute Amer­ican pub­li­cist who is an avid reader of Heavenly’s Caught By The River web­site and instinct­ively thought that we would appre­ci­ate the music. He didn’t actu­ally know that he was send­ing it to a record label at the time but we will forever be in his debt.

Sea of Bees is Julie Baenzi­ger, a 25 year old singer song­writer from Sac­ra­mento. We are delighted to have her as part of the Heav­enly family.

Sea of Bee’s debut album ‘Songs For The Ravens’ is available now from Rough Trade & comes with an exclusive bonus CD — the ‘Bee Eee Pee’. The first single to be taken from the album is Wizbot, with a 7″ vinyl release backed with a delightful re-crafted re-working of the track by those Scottish ambient folk heads Conquering Animal Sound. You can download their remix for free from RCRD LBL.

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