LCMDF ‘Gandhi Remix’ 12″


Ghandi Remix

Side A:
1. Gandhi (Andy Weatherall remix I)
2. Gandhi (Andy Weatherall remix II)

Side B:
1. Gandhi (MVSEVM remix)
2. Gandhi (Dicky Trisco’s Heavenly Dub)

The debut heavenly release from Le Corps Mince De Francoise featuring a massive Andy Weatherall remix that’s like an old school jbo style mix. ‘Gandhi’ reimagines Sean Ryder’s skewed pop vision, but sung by Nordic Sirens who cut their teeth listening to everyone from the Beastie Boys to Gaga whilst getting lost in ghost world. It’s as immediate and accessible as it is dazzlingly unique.

Listen to all four tracks on our soundcloud…
Andrew Weatherall remix I -
HVN210 LCMDF — Gandhi (Andrew Weatherall remix I) by heavenlyrecordings

Andrew Weatherall remix II -
HVN210 LCMDF — Gandhi (Andrew Weatherall Remix II) by heavenlyrecordings

MVSEVM remix -
HVN210 LCMDF — Gandhi (MVSEVM Remix) by heavenlyrecordings

Dicky Trisco’s Heavenly Dub -
HVN 210 LCMDF — Gandhi (Dicky Trisco’s Heavenly Dub) by heavenlyrecordings

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