Sea of Bees ‘Songs For The Ravens’

Sea of Bees  - Songs for the Ravens (2010)

Sea of Bees
Songs For The Ravens

1. Gnomes
2. Skinnybone
3. Wizbot
4. Fyre
5. Marmalade
6. Willis
7. Won’t Be Long
8. Strikefoot
9. The Gold
10. Sidepain
11. Blind

Sea of Bees came to our atten­tion via a very astute Amer­ican pub­li­cist who is an avid reader of Heavenly’s Caught By The River web­site and instinct­ively thought that we would appre­ci­ate the music. He didn’t actu­ally know that he was send­ing it to a record label at the time but we will forever be in his debt.

Listen to sidepain on our soundcloud…
Sidepain -
HVN223 Sea of Bees — Sidepain by heavenlyrecordings

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