Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou ‘Live at the Tin-Tabernacle’ 10″


Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou
Live at the Tin-Tabernacle

Side A:
1. The Passing Of Time
2. The Stargazers’ Gutter
3. The 88

Side B:
1. A Hill Far, Far Away
2. Making It Count
3. Cheap Wine

The 10″ recordings were on special release for Record Store Day a couple of weeks ago and were limited to just 30 copies. More copies have since been pressed up which are now available for you to buy.

Listen to their single ‘Spin Me A Rhyme’ on our soundcloud…
Spin Me A Rhyme -
HVNLP87 Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou / Spin Me A Rhyme by heavenlyrecordings

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