Doves v Chris Watson & Pete Greenwood 10″


Rough Trade & the Green Man festival are releasing a very special 10″ piece of vinyl to celebrate the new Rough Trade Psych Folk comp & this years sold out Green Man Festival.

Featuring tracks from the comp by Pete Greenwood and Sam Amidon available on vinyl for the first time, plus a special live version of ‘Marina’ by Sleepy Sun, the 10″ also features the Green Man Festival selection on the other side which is a very rare Chris Watson remix of the Doves ‘Birds Flew Backwards’ pressed at 45rpm across the whole side so you can hear it in all its audiophile glory. This version of the track has never been released apart from on our site when we made it available for a very ltd time.

Initial copies of the Psych Folk 10 CD comes free with this ltd 10 so make sure you come down to Pete’s gig at The Rough Trade East store or head over to the Rough Trade pop up shop which will be at the Green man festival.

Pete Greenwood & Sam Amidon will be playing a free show at Rough Trade East on Tuesday 17th August.

Doves headline the Green Man festival on Friday 20th August

Full details here on the Rough Trade site:

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