Vote for Edwyn & Soft Pack on Radcliffe & Maconie … please!


Those lovely chaps Radcliffe & Maconie purveyors of the finest music have selected both the new Edwyn Collins & Soft Pack singles for their pick’n’mix slot, which means that along with another track they stand a chance of being next weeks single of the week if it gets enough votes & will get played every day. Both tracks are worthy winners but we need your help to make sure one of them wins & if support for both is undeniably strong then they maybe they will keep playing both.

We need your help Heavenly birds, please, please vote for for your favourite track & even separately for both if you love them & tell a friend on twitter, facebook, text or even a conversation over a pint. Just send an email with the name of the track & subject ‘pick’n’mix’ to:

EDWYN COLLINS: ‘LOSING SLEEP’ possible single of the week w/c 09/08
You can also download the track for free from here:

SOFT PACK: ‘MORE OR LESS’ possible single of the week w/c 09/08
This track is available on itunes & next week on 7” vinyl & can be pre ordered here:

Pick ‘n’ Mix will open for voting on Wednesday 04/08 at 10pm & closes 12 noon Monday 09/08.

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