VIDEOS: Watch The Wytches wild and loud vs. acoustic and unplugged at SXSW

The Wytches at SXSW

Some back-to-back The Wytches for you here in these brilliant juxtaposing live takes from SXSW. Watch ‘Digsaw’ in all its loud, snarly, guitar shredding glory courtesy of SPIN and check out Kristian’s stripped back, acoustic session for NPR. There’s two sides to this band and we love em both!


Of the top 40 things we saw at SXSW 2014, British psych-rock trio the Wytches were number nine. There’s just something about a group of young kids with a reckless abandon for short-hair conventions and a love for shredding guitars that does it for us every time. In a showcase for Sailor Jerry rum last week in Austin, the band tore through a number of tracks from their forthcoming debut, out this May on Partisan. Here they play “Digsaw,” a dark and raw track that finds lead guitarist Kristian Bell screaming about being selfish in a manner that would surely make Frank Black proud. We’ve previously been gifted with a stream of the Sabbath-surf crusher “Wire Frame Mattress” and a creepy video for the sludgy “Gravedweller.”

Via NPR:

The Wytches’ furious, hair-flinging psych-rock isn’t the stuff of back-porch acoustic sessions. But don’t tell that to singer-guitarist Kristian Bell, recorded here in Austin, Texas.

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