Announcing our new signings, Fever The Ghost! Welcome to their world…

Fever The Ghost

Tiz official, we are very proud to announce that LA’s Fever The Ghost have signed to Heavenly. The band make their debut NME Magazine appearance as this week’s buzz band and we can’t wait for you to see them live. Check out their facebook, bandcamp and twitter sites for music and visuals and keep watching this space for details of their forthcoming release. Welcome to their world!

Say this month’s Q Magazine:

“Good news for anyone who felt MGMT dropped the ball after Congratulations’ daft pyche pop – recent EP ‘Crab In Honey’ deftly volleys said ball with a set of kaleidoscopic tunes that leap from trippy fantasia to elastic synth-funk and whimsical psychedelic-folk without indulging in meandering wig-outs. The fact that one of their songs is called ‘A Parliament Of Owls Determines The Fates Of Greater Men No Less Than 6 Stories Above Us In A Dream’ is a fairly good indicator of where their heads are at.”

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