Heavenly Films team up with Dexys to take ‘Nowhere is Home’ to the Big Screen


We are excited to announce that another fabulous film by Heavenly Films director Kieran Evans and Paul Kelly is hitting the road this July.

The pair — who last collaborated on the critically acclaimed Heavenly Film ‘Finisterre’ ten years ago — have documented exclusive footage of Dexy’s ‘One Day I’m Going To Soar’ live shows.

Titled ‘Nowhere is Home’, the film was shot over the final nights of Dexy’s celebrated residency at the Duke Of York’s in London last spring. Theatrical by the nature of the group, the documentary also features exclusive and revealing interviews with the band and front-man Kevin Rowland.

To add to the thrill of this one off documentation of the group, Heavenly Films are offering a limited edition 7″ single on each ticket purchase. The single features live versions of ‘Nowhere Is Home’ and ‘I Love You (Listen To This)’ from the Duke Of York shows.

Screening across 37 Vue cinemas across the UK on July 21st at 7.45pm, this one off event is a huge celebration of the band’s magnificent career.

For fans this is also a chance to get your hands on a one-off 45, the band’s first since 1986’s ‘Because of You.’

Pre-order your tickets from www.myvue.com and you can collect the 7″ at your chosen cinema.

With films being screened on July 7th at 7.45pm at all cinemas, see the full listings of venues below:

Islington, Leeds Light, Sheffield, Hull, Cheshire Oaks, Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow Fort, Edinburgh Omni, Dublin, Manchester Lowry, Bristol Cribbs, Birmingham, London Piccadilly, Exeter, Cambridge, Westfield White City, Leicester, Oxford, Portsmouth, Northampton, Norwich, Plymouth, Swansea, Camberley, Stratford, Thurrock, York, North Finchley, Watford, Croydon Purley, Newcastle Under Lyme, Bolton, Bury, Gateshead, Reading and Cardiff.

On working with Kieran, Paul and Heavenly Films producer Martin Kelly, Dexys Kevin Rowland said:
“It’s a really good film. I didn’t really know them previously, but as time went on, I came to understand that they had a real vision and weren’t out to compromise our show. Ultimately it’s their film about Dexys. But it captures us very well”

Producer Martin Kelly:

“When Paul, Keiran and I first saw the live shows for ‘One Day I’m Going To Soar’ we knew we were witnessing something special, something that needed to be captured for posterity.”

Co-director and BAFTA winner Kieran Evans:

“Paul and myself had seen Dexys at their Royal Festival Hall show back in 2003 whilst we were making our film ‘Finisterre’, so it was a special moment for us both to find ourselves working together again in order to capture an important moment in one of our favourite bands remarkable history.”

Co director Paul Kelly said:

“I felt we managed to capture the atmosphere of the Duke Of York’s shows really well, and as soon as the interview was over I knew we had a great film!”


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